The Fit4Football; club, coach and community workshops are being delivered through webinars and online workshops to keep our football community learning, engaging and supported during the COVID-19 lockdown levels. During this lockdown time our football community can continue to learn and expand their knowledge of player welfare concepts, philosophies and practices to be ensure everyone in football is ready when we are able to start the season.


May 2021

Fueling our players and kids well for both sport and life is essential. To do this well we need to have a good understanding of nutrition and how to apply this to life and sport. These workshops provide understanding of how to apply the basics and provide our athletes with fuel for football.

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Health and Wellbeing in Football

June 2021

In this workshop we will exclusively dive into evidence-based interventions that have been proven to support health and wellbeing. With the aim of providing a strong foundational platform for players to “flourish” and thrive inside and outside of their sports performance. A workshop for all (players, parents, coaches and clubs) who want to learn more about wellbeing and positive psychology.

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NZSS Football 2021 Webinar Series

August 2021

These workshops are complimentary for all NZ Secondary School football coaches to support your knowledge and understanding of tournament preparation, performance, wellbeing and concussion to get the best out of your players throughout your 2021 NZSS Football tournament.

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Dr Stacy Sims - Women Are Not Small Men, Optimising Female Performance

September 2021

Part of the Football Performance Series, we will interview Dr Stacey Sims, PHD; an applied researcher and expert in the field of human performance specifically, sex differences in training and nutrition.


The focus of this session is to help female football players, parents and coaches understand and work with female footballers’ physiology to optimise performance.


*Registrations close at 5pm day of webinar.




Dr Stacy Sims began her academic career in exercise physiology and nutrition at Stanford University, specializing in women’s health, recovery, and sports performance. Over the last 20 years she has established herself as a world leading expert in performance optimisation for female athletes. In her globally acclaimed TED Talk, “Women are not small men,” Stacy emphasises, if we want women to reach their performance potential, first we must teach them how to work with their physiology, not against it. This means talking about the menstrual cycles and how hormones affect the female body.

Her vision is a world where women understand their bodies, know how to work with their unique physiology, a world where women feel empowered in their sports performance and health.



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