Be better prepared for your game with the Futsal FastSTART.


A neuromuscular warm up specifically designed, tested and validated in futsal for futsal. It is essential for all players from recreational to elite to warm up appropriately for trainings & games. Warming up correctly will prepare the body for the intensity and demands of the training or game ahead. Reducing the likelihood and severity of injuries, enabling more fun, enjoyment and skillfulness throughout the game.


The Futsal FastSTART is a structured and proven, futsal specific warm up that can be performed in 5 to 8 minutes, before all futsal trainings and games and can be done in any small space. The Futsal FastSTART is performed to; increase the body temperature, guide muscles and joints through a range of motions, improve balance and co-ordination, preparing the body for sudden changes in direction and activating core muscles, all preparing the body to play and decreasing the risk of injuries.