Water replenishes, hydrates and transports essential nutrients around your body. It should be consumed regularly throughout the day and uptake should be increased when exercising to avoid dehydration.

How much should you drink and when?


Depending on your activity levels, daily water consumption varies from person to person. However, as a rule of thumb, 2 litres per day.


On game or training days:


  • Pre-hydrate with 200-500ml of water, 60-90 minutes before training and games.
  • Hydrate with 200-500ml during warm-ups and sip 150-300ml during game breaks.
  • Re-hydrate with 200-500ml during cooldowns and follow with 1-1.5L in the two hours post training and games.


Replacing lost fluid as soon as possible after exercise is vital for recovery – this should be your first step in recovery. If hydration does not occur, recovery will be impaired and incomplete.


Be mindful that fluid intake should be adjusted for temperature, intensity and duration of trainings and games, plus tournament environments. Hydration levels can also be monitored through fluid/weight loss via sweating. Urine colour is also a good indicator of dehydration levels.