The Symptoms of Concussion


Players will commonly note such symptoms as a headache, dizziness or feeling foggy. However, here are other common signs to look for:

  • Loss of consciousness or responsiveness

  • Lying motionless on the ground/slow to get up

  • A dazed, blank or vacant expression

  • Appearing unsteady on feet, balance problems or falling over

  • Grabbing or clutching of the head

  • Seizure or convulsing

The effects of concussion


Concussion affects players in more ways than one, from a sore head to the inability to play sport or, more seriously, a permanent brain injury. Being out of the game isn’t the only downside that players experience, as concussion can also affect their mental state and lifestyle.


A sustained concussion can make getting back to school and work all the more difficult, due to lack of concentration and memory loss.


Destabilising moods, caused by concussion, can impact daily activities and wellbeing, which affects those around them and their home life may also become less enjoyable.