The purpose of the New Zealand Football Head Injury and Concussion Policy is to guide the identification and management of concussion and to provide best-practice guidelines to all those involved in New Zealand football and futsal.


Specifically, the policy aims to:

  • Establish protocols for managing suspected concussion at football and futsal events

  • Mandate the process by which a player may continue to play in a match or return to play, following involvement in an incident that requires assessment about whether a suspected concussion has occurred.

  • Provide best-practice guiding principles for managing suspected concussion – recognise, remove, refer, rest, recover and return.

  • Provide directives and general advice regarding the management of concussion in football and futsal competitions.

As a coach and/or parent it is your responsibility to be familiar with and operate within the guidelines set out in the New Zealand Football Head Injury and Concussion.


Download a copy of the policy here


Our Concussion Policy is reviewed annually by New Zealand Football and is modified according to the development of new knowledge.